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Cervitude Counseling PLLC

Within the Cervitude Circle constellation is our most dynamic endeavor, Cervitude Counseling PLLCa tele-mental health therapy group practice operating as a worker cooperative centering liberation health for culturally affirming, trauma-aware engaged healing.

Licensed to provide services to the residents of MA, NY, PA, ME and FL.


"We don't want to be stars. We want to be part of a constellation."  
— Gloria Anzaldua

Dear Fellow

You are still here. 


Whether you are fighting to live or holding on by a tether, we have a deep respect for y/our struggles,  the ones we share and the ones we don't.

Man flopped on the bed, feeling worried and hopeless.

We are in this together

Trauma takes so much from us.


Y/our individual and collective trauma/s, whether historical and/or current, acute and/or chronic, may be parts of y/our story but are not all of who you are.


Sometimes it’s hard to imagine y/our way through,

especially when oppressive systems are designed to hold us down.

But together, we radically re-imagine oppressive gravity as therapeutic tethering, supporting the exploration of your space without letting you float away.

Live the change 


It's hard to find y/our way through y/our individual and collective “night sky”.


We trust the human capacity our ancestors demonstrated in finding their way through, learning that their "night sky".could guide them to live another day.


Their DNA (shaped by their experiences) is in us today, reminding us that cyclical journeys of surviving, living and thriving have (and always will be) possible.

You are here because they found their way, 

now it's y/our turn.

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What Clients Say 

"As a trauma survivor, a queer woman of color, and a mental health professional it was difficult for me to find a therapist who fit my needs.


I have been in therapy for 10 years and now as a therapist myself, I was looking for quality support and I am grateful to have found it."

Co-Creating Safer Spaces



Reflection & rest

un/known parts of y/ourselves

co-creating anti-oppressive space with/in and beyond

We support finding y/our way through with engaged healing practices for r/Evolutionary living.

What's r/Evolutionary Living?

Beyond individual post-traumatic growth, r/Evolutionary living recognizes we are surviving the systems while we are dismantling them in order to co-create a new world where we can all thrive.


By radically imagining self care as co-created collective care, y/our healing-centered radical evolution knows thriving is only possible through collective liberation.

Another world is possible, even though it may not feel like it just yet.  We will move through the space we co-create in y/our therapuetic alliance with compassion and care.


It is an honor to be inter-connected during this phase of your healing journey.

With gratitude and solidarity always,


Cervitude Counseling PLLC
Contact Information for General Inquiries

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Cervitude Counseling PLLC

runs as a Mental Health Worker Cooperative


Call, Fax, Email

Phone: (617) 996-8119

Fax: (617) 925-6367

Massachusetts Office

97 Central Street

Suite 403b

Lowell, MA 01852

New York Office

310 West 72nd Street

New York, NY 10023

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