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Who we are

We are a non-hierarchical worker-cooperative (i.e., worker collective) made up of social workers, creative arts therapists and psychologists.


All major decisions are made through consensus, and each of us earns the same hourly wage. We view this way of working together as a form of praxis: “Through engaging in such activity workers not only transform themselves but also develop new social relations.


They form bonds of mutual support and solidarity with fellow workers while they transform the social conditions under which they live” (Baker, 2019).

What we do

Our approach is informed by anticapitalist, anti-authoritarian values. We believe that mental health is inherently political, and that so-called "apolitical" or "neutral" mental health practice upholds the status quo.


We view systemic oppression as the cause of most mental health problems, and we strive to intentionally disrupt the  psychiatric, medical and holistic health industrial complexes with anti-oppressive, decolonial and harm reduction models of care in our work.  

Angelica Pinna-Perez, Ph.D

(she/ella/lei) Licensed in multiple states

I am a relational and collaborative therapist. I believe trust can be garnered when stories are met with compassionate and authentic interpersonal exchange. Many people report experiencing me as:

deeply intuitive

radically hopeful

intentionally courageous

​engaged, warm and open

Headshot photo of Angelica Pinna-Perez smiling

Therapeutic Style

liberation psychology - intersectionality - compassionate care

My therapeutic style centers y/our testimonio/s (y/our story) to increase critical consciousness (self-awareness in a socio-political context) with somatic, relational and ecological alignment.


Vital to the work we’ll do together is understanding how socio-cultural-political structures impact y/our holistic health.


I use emotional attunement, experiential processing, and somatic experiencing in radical psychotherapy to reclaim your whole-istic health.

Languages: English, Español & Italiano

LICSW Massachusetts - #118413

LCSW New York - # 081411

LCAT New York -  #05 001563

LCSW Maine - # LC23158

LCSW Pennsylvania - #CW024310

LCSW Florida - #SW22536

PLEASE NOTE:    Currently accepting covid conscious clients in NY state only. 

Maiara Venier

(she/ela/ella) LMHC (MA) 

I am a somatic and trauma informed therapist. I believe trust is built together in the respect and commitment individuals have for healing. Many people report experiencing me as:






Therapeutic Style

somatic psychology - expressive arts - cultural sensitivity

My therapeutic style centers your lived experience.


Vital to the work we’ll do together is understanding how  your body processes stress and trauma.


I use somatic experiencing and experiential processing to reclaim your whole-istic health.

Languages: English, Português & Español

LMHC Massachusetts – # 10000958

Availability:    Accepting new clients 

Rakhshanda Saleem, PhD

(she/her) | Licensed Psychologist  

I offer low cost individual therapy to adults (18 and over) through our sibling non-profit, The Cervitude Coalition Inc. Many people report experiencing me as:





Copy of Official Cervitude (67).png

Therapeutic Style

critical psychology - decolonial - transnational

My perspective is informed by liberatory and emancipatory consciousness theories and models and their potential for individual mental health/wellbeing.

Languages:  Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and English

Licensed Psychologist: 8242

Availability:    Not accepting new clients

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