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Client Information

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Find your way through...

  If you are feeling down, stressed, overwhelmed or you need crisis support, please do not use this website

as we cannot respond immediately and cannot provide higher levels of care for any crisis. 

New Clients


Massachusetts and New York residents only.


Finding a therapist to co-create a meaningful way-finding journey has its challenges.


If we are accepting new clients, a free 20-minute consult can be scheduled to explore your needs, learn about services and determine how to proceed.

Current Clients

Client Portal

For Active/ Current and Returning clients only.

Access your electronic Medical Record (EMR), manage/track payment information, and participate in tele-mental health sessions, in our  HIPAA-compliant client portal.  

Payment Philosophy


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Participation in the medical industrial complex as abolitionist providers in pursuit of justice carries the response/ability to care for people with limited choices within the system we are actively dismantling.  


An often unspoken power dynamic is the financial relationship between a client and a clinician. Our goal is to provide inclusive & affirming services with equity pricing options, while also honoring our clinical experience, training, and education.

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Pose at Protest

Our mental health therapist worker cooperative is involved in community organizing for universal health care in the US.


In the meantime, everyone deserves high-quality services that meet your needs without creating financial hardship. Every human being needs a sustainable health care model where all participating parties can thrive.  

Economic Justice Rate model inspired by the Inclusive Therapists platform & Alexis Cunningham’s discussion of the sliding scale as a tool for economic justice.

Health Insurance Options

All Clients

 PLEASE NOTE:  Using your Insurance in any capacity requires a diagnosis and medical necessity. We will help you understand your rights and provide informed consent regarding the complexities of participating in the medical industrial complex to access the care you deserve.

OPT OUT OF INSURANCE USE:  You can choose to opt out of your insurance coverage for our services if paying directly is more advantageous for you. Sometimes if you are under insured (with a high deductible), paying out of pocket may be more cost effective.


Some clients want to keep their mental health treatment and records out of the hands of private managed care companies. If you choose to opt out of using your insurance, you will be considered a self pay client  and can not receive a super bill  to apply for insurance reimbursement.  You will need to sign an opt out of insurance waiver. 

In Network

We take insurance in solidarity with working class people whose insurance options are limited under capitalism.

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We are a therapist collective providing anti-oppressive mental health care in the psychiatric industrial complex.


We have chosen to contract with private insurance companies because it is a pathway for accessible care at this moment in history.


We strive to divest from the problematic elements of managed care as social justice mental health care providers and are committed to ethically working with individuals to do less harm within this harmful system.

As of January 2024, Cervitude Counseling PLLC  is considered “in-network” (INN) with the following health insurance companies in the state of MASSACHUSETTS: 

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Accepted Insurance Massachusetts

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • Harvard Pilgrim

  • Cigna  

  • United Behavioral Health 

  • Aetna

  • BMC HealthNet Plan

  • Beacon Health Strategies 

  • Value Options/Mass Behavioral Health Partnership 

  • Neighborhood Health Plan 

  • Tufts Associated Health Plan

  • Carelon

  • CompPsych EAP

 INN INSURANCE DISCLAIMER:   A quote of benefits and/or authorization does not guarantee a payment or verify eligibility. Payment of benefits is subject to all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your insurance contract at the time of service and during the claim adjudication.

Ready for your r/evolution?

Please be sure to cross check your benefits and understand the terms and conditions of your mental health (also known as behavioral health) coverage.

  • New Appointment / Intake (60 min): 90791GT

  • Follow-up Clinical Appointments (53-59 min): 90837GT

  • Follow-up Clinical Appointments (45-53 min): 90834GT

  • Follow-up Clinical Appointments (30-44 min): 90832GT

  • Follow-up Clinical Appointments under 30 minutes are not billable to insurance and you will be responsible for payment through itemized invoice.

 PLEASE NOTE:  We are contractually obligated to accept insurance payments at rates pre-determined by each private company, which consistently reimburse below market rates.   

Out of Network

If we don't take your insurance, you may still be able to get reimbursement for part of the cost you pay out of pocket at a predetermined % they decide.

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Reach out to your insurance to inquire about Out-of-Network (OON) benefits for outpatient behavioral/mental health services.


You can call the member services number on the back of your insurance card to ask if they offer OON benefits (i.e., deductible, coinsurance, and/or copay).


They may ask if you have tried providers "in network" and you can say "At this time, I am not interested in in-network providers or I have without success."

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Space Supernova
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If your insurance accepts OON services, we provide super bills (a formal receipt with your diagnostic code) for you to submit to your insurance company (usually a form online you have to print and mail in) for potential reimbursement subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance contract.

 OON INSURANCE DISCLAIMER:   A quote of benefits and/or authorization does not guarantee reimbursement. Payment of benefits is subject to all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of your insurance contract at the time of service and during the claim adjudication.

 We are OON Providers in MA, NY, PA, ME and FL. We can offer superbills for insurance reimbursement submission. 

Ready for your breakthrough?

In our attempt to increase access to our services, OON clients pay for their sessions at our sustain rate. Client payments are due at the time of service while they apply for insurance reimbursement.


Use these codes when you inquire about your OON benefits so you can calculate your final "out of pocket cost" (once your reimbursement is processed.)

  • $250 New Appointment / Intake (60 min): 90791GT

  • $130 Follow-up Clinical Appointments (53-59 min): 90837GT

  • $100 Follow-up Clinical Appointments (45-53 min): 90834GT

  • $75 Follow-up Clinical Appointments (30-44 min): 90832GT

  • Follow-up Clinical Appointments under 30 minutes are not billable to insurance and you will be responsible for payment through itemized invoice.


 PLEASE NOTE:   If your insurance reimburses you for our OON services, your treatment is privy to the insurance company’s terms and conditions including decisions regarding medical necessity. Similar to INN conditions, they can request information about your treatment and may decide not to reimburse you for a variety of reasons. This reimbursement process can only be conducted between you and your insurance company.  We will educate and provide informed consent regarding this process.

Private and Self-Pay Options

Space Supernova

Some have the privilege of being able to choose to pay for their services directly.


And some others have significant burdens that prohibit them from accessing insurance, effectively making them uninsured or underinsured.

We stay in alignment with the cervitude circle’s constellation focus on providing access to quality mental health care and hope to work with individuals that find themselves on any part of the spectrum of financial resources.

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Consider the Difference:

financial sacrifice

(e.g., difficult but not detrimental)



financial hardship

(e.g., difficult to fulfill basic needs)

Equity pricing is typically utilized by clients with one or more marginalized identities.


For example, many marginalized communities, such as Black, Indigenous, and people of color who are transgender and nonbinary, experience barriers of reduced access and subpar care.

NY, PA, ME & FL Clients


Regrettably, we do not accept insurances in these states at this time but are working on it!

Inquire about private/self pay openings!

International Clients

Our clinicians are internationally trained and licensed to practice in the United States.  

In an effort to increase access to decolonized mental health support throughout the world, please refer to our therapuetic coaching services with cervGroup International.


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Private Pay means we offer a superbill for insurance reimbursement.

Self Pay means we only offer a receipt for our services.

Our redistribution rate allows those with fewer resources to access care. Clinicians at this level have doctorate level/extensive training, expertise and experience.

Our full cost rate allows for marginalized and underrepresented clinicians get paid at market rates for their labor. Clinicians at this level are independently licensed masters level clinicians.

Our sustain rate is limited to private pay individuals planning to utilize their out of network benefits and whose out of pocket payment at our redistribution/full cost rates creates financial hardship.  This is also the base rate for our Clinical Fellows who are in graduate training programs and supervised by our cooperative members.

Our solidarity rate is reserved for self pay only individuals who are un/under-insured and/or unemployed undocumented folx. We can provide payment invoices and receipts but no superbills for this tier. All clinicians work with our solidarity clients.


 PLEASE NOTE:  cervCounseling's solidarity rates are possible (in part) by our sibling organization the Cervitude Coalition Inc, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.   

Good Faith Estimate:


Pay Rates Per Clinician

Redistribution: Angelica Pinna-Perez 

Full Rate: Maiara Venier

Sustain: Clinical Fellows

Solidarity: All clinicians 

Please note: All clinical appointments up to 30 minutes are self pay for all clients.

Space Supernova

Additional Fees

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Ready to experience your supernova?

Cervitude Counseling PLLC
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